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PETRA's Reading List

This Reading List is simply an uncomplete collection of the readings done by researchers at petra in the last years. We just thought we could share it. We would like, however, that it became a full-fledged bibliography on cognitive translatology. To do so, we need your help. If you have one or more articles dealing on the confluence of (second-generation) cognitive science, translation studies, and empirical research and we missed it, please let us know. If you think we are missing a crucial article and you are not the author, please let us know all the same. Relevant insights from neighboring fields are especially welcome, since we would like to complement other lists. Information on unpublished postgraduate major works is particularly welcome. In some cases, we might make the text downloadable if the author so wishes, to make it more publicly available through the list. We will welcome PDFs for other contributions, but we will file them in our database and only information about them will be posted since we do not want to mess with copyright issues. This policy will be subject of review to accomodate to law and demand. We can, however, link to pages where texts can be legally downloaded. The list is biased towards articles, since books seem easier to trace, but info on books is seeked for too. The list will be updated at least once a year.

Instructions for sending us information for the Reading List

Information on new entries should cover relevant and complete bibliographical data, including author’s first names, both volume number and issue number when a journal has both, at last first name initials for the editors, publishing company, etc. For references, we have adopted the simplest standards we could imagine, and we have summarized them here. Please send us suggestions, additions and corrections to .

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