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CogTrans Search is PETRA’s Google-powered custom search engine to look for information related to cognitive translatology. By focusing on translatology and cognition, it niceley suplements results from generic search-engines.

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CogTrans Search looks only within about 800 web sites whose contents we deem specially relevant. The list starts with more than 40 translation & interpreting journals, followed by more than 150 on cognition, cognitive psychology, cognitive linguistics, cognitive anthropology, the philosophy of mind, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and nearby trends. It then searches in more than 60 cognition research centers, more than 70 translator and interpreter training schools, and in more than 100 professional or research associations for translation and interpreting. The list goes on to cover reference sites, including publisher webs, repositories, and even some blogs and personal pages.

do you know TRANSPRO? Try it. Compare CogTrans Search results with others. Learn to promote results from training schools, journals, research centers, reference, associations and publishers. Perhaps you might help us improve it by sending us information on webs we have not reached yet. Your contributions will help us to improve both exhaustivity and precision of the single custom search engine for cognitive translatology in the world.

You may link to PETRA’s CogTrans Search home webpage.
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