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New TPR network

mayo 6th, 2011 Posted by blog, network, PACTE, research, TransWorld Airy Lines No Comment yet

Amparo Hurtado and PACTE have created a “Thematic network on empirical and experimental translation research”. The network has been funded with 90.000 € by the Spanish Ministry of Education (code FFI2010-11995-E). Current members of the network include research groups of F. Alves, E. Angelone, M. Ehrensberger, B. Englund Dimitrova, A. Fougner Rydning, I. García, M. Giozza, A. Hurtado, R. Jääskaläinen, A. L. Jakobsen, R. Muñoz, and S. O’Brien. Fall 2011 will see the first meeting of the new network take place in Barcelona.

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