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TREC: The Next Generation

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The international research network “Translation Research Empiricism Cognition” (TREC) convened in Barcelona for a regular meeting on July 4-5 2013. This time we also held a previous seminar 

on empirical and experimental research in  translation, where PhD students presented their ongoing work. These are, in alphabetical order, some of the stars of TREC’s next generation:
José Jorge Amigo Extremera (PETRA, ULPGC) talked about “Fitting culture into Translation Process Research”, where he summarized his project to develop operationalizations of culture and knowledge for empirical and experimental research, drawing form social and situated cognition approaches.
Mariceli Aquino (LETRA, UFMG) presented “A relevance-theoretic study of processing effort in post-editing tasks: an analysis of German modal particles  “. She will be using Translog and Tobii T60 to study post-editions of the MT output of text excerpts from a corpus of articles from Deutsche Welle.
Claudine Borg (Aston University) is working on an in-depth case study of post-drafting self-revision of the translation a novel from French into Maltese through think-aloud, translator observation, interviews, analysis of drafts and ST-TT comparison drawing on corpus-based techniques.
Luis Miguel Castillo (PACTE, UAB) contributed with “Acceptability and the acquisition of translation competence: preliminary results”, where he described his goal of tracing the evolution of translation quality throughout the process of the acquisition of translation competence.
Norma Fonseca (LETRA, UFMG) draws from Krings (2001) to distinguish temporal, technical and cognitive aspects of effortful processing during task execution and builds on Alves & Gonçalves (2013) to study cognitive effort during monolingual post-editing processes using key logging, screen recordings, and guided written protocols.
Andrea Hunziker Heeb (ZHAW) struck a vital chord by focusing on ethical issues that may arise with professional translators as research participants. She used a general academic self-evaluation checklist and a code of good practice in research to frame her presentation, which fostered a lively discussion.

Andrea Hunziker Heeb and Annina Meyer (ZHAW) presented the design, the methods and the hypotheses of a research project focused on ergonomic issues associated with software settings, equipment, and/or physical conditions that might impede the  efficiency of translation by slowing down decision-making and other cognitive processes during translation.

Arlene Koglin (LETRA, UFMG)  presented her project “Processing effort and cognitive effects trade-off in metaphor post-editing.“ Arlene is using eye tracking, key logging and retrospective protocols to gather data, and Relevance Theory as a referential framework.
Minna Kumpulainen (University of Eastern Finland) presented an overview of the use of pauses as potential cognitive indicators in translation process research, where she centered on pause length and their correlation with process segment boundaries.
Gisela Massana Roselló (PACTE, UAB) presented the design and some methodological issues of her research project on the acquisition of translation competence in trainees who have Portuguese as their second foreign language. Language typological proximity between Portuguese and Spanish is a major concern in this project.
Christopher Mellinger (KETRA, Kent State University) is well advanced in his PhD research  project on how cognitive effort is distributed during the translation task, which he is analyzing through the pause contour of  applied cognitive effort when using a translation memory to translate. He presented some preliminary findings on how the use of TMs and specific fuzzy match features affect the translation process in Spanish-to-English translation professionals with 4–7 years of experience.
Ana Muñoz Miquel (GENTT, UJI) presented her ongoing work on medical translator’s profiles, where she combines the cognitive notion of translators’ competence with a sociological survey of medical translators self-image and a pedagogical perspective on the needs of medical translator trainees.
Christian Olalla Soler (PACTE, UAB)  will be using screen recording, translations and questionanaires to study the acquisition of translators’ cultural  competence by Spanish trainee students with German as their second foregin language, from the perspective of PACTE’s (2003) translation competence model.
Raphael Sannholm (Stockholm University) presented the results of his MA thesis, which checked whether  different text types give rise to different foci in the cognitive processes during translation within a fairly homogenous group of participants, and also outlined his future PhD project on on automaticity in the cognitive processes in translation.
Karina Szpak’s (LETRA, UFMG) research project applies the relevance-theoretical concepts of conceptually and procedurally encoded information to study eye fixations, time spent, and attention units to identify instances of processing effort in translation.

Anthony Pym on experimenting on/with students at the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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3rd International Translation Process Reseach Worskshop

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The Iberian Society of Translation and Interpreting Studies (AIETI) has released a call for papers for its 6th International General Conference, to be held at ULPGC School of Translation & interpreting, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), in January 23-25, 2013. Guest speakers include Franz Pöchhacker (University of Vienna), Fábio Alves (UFMG, Brazil), and Elena Pérez, President of the Spanish Association of Translators, Copy-editors and Interpreters. Papers, posters, panels and round tables are welcome. More information at the web of the conference.

Within the framework of the AIETI6 Conference, a parallel session will be held in January 21-22, 2013, which will focus on the Methodology of Translation and Interpreting Process Research, as a continuation of similar workshops organized by Dr Susanne Göpferich at the University of Graz (2009) and the University of Giessen (2011). Expected speakers include Fábio Alves (UFMG, Brazil), 

Erik Angelone (Kent State U., USA), Giselle de Almeida (DCU, Irleland), Allison Beeby  (PACTE, UAB, Spain), (Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow (ZHAW, Switzerland), Birgitta Englund Dimitrova (Stockholm University), Susanne Göpferich (U. of Giessen, Germany), Adelina Hild (Switzerland), Amparo Hurtado (PACTE, UAB, Spain), Isabel Lacruz (Kent State U.), Celia Martín (PETRA, ULPGC, Spain), Ricardo Muñoz (PETRA, ULPGC, Spain), Sharon O’Brien (DCU), Marisa Presas (PETRA, UAB, Spain), Marina Ramos (University of Murcia, Spain), Hanna Risku (U. of Graz, Austria), Ana Mª Rojo (University of Murcia, Spain), Elisabet Tiselius (U. of Bergen/Stockholm Univ.),Gregory M. Shreve (Kent State U./New York Univ.), and Šárka Timarová (Lessius Hogeschool, Belgium).

TPRW2 Giessen 2011

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In July 27-29, 2011, the 2nd international research workshop on the Methodology of Translation Process Research was held at the University of Giessen’s Rauischholzhausen Castle in Germany, organized by Susanne Göpferich. The program was very interesting and indeed, presentations lived up to their abstracts. Below you may read some highlights from most presentations. Full-screen viewing or PPS-file download recommended (embedded links).

View more presentations from Zogoibi.

Int’l Conference on Translation Process Research

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Séverine Hubscher-Davidson and her colleagues at Aston University (Birmingham, UK) are organizing a one-day series of free online live webinars (audio and image streamed to your web browser with “Elluminate”) on several aspects of translation and interpreting process research for December 9, 2011. Speakers include Sharon O’Brien, Petra Klimant, Riita Jääskeläinen, Adelina Hild, Erik Angelone. Exchanges after each intervention will be arranged through a chat. No fee, but registration necessary. More information here.

Will be back in September! Time to have some rest…

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First specialist seminar on the didactics of translation

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18-20 June 2012
20 hours
Registration from February 1st through May 31, 2012
Registration fee: 300 € before March 30; and 350 € afterwards. Special conditions apply for UAB students and staff.
More info, here.

Training on Research

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Ph.D Course in Translation Processes Research15 – 19 August 2011

Theoretical aspects of process research; experimental research design and methodology; data visualization and human translation process modeling; qualitative and quantitative data analysis; user interaction with language technological tools.

CBS Center for Research & Innovation in Translation & Translation Technology

Registration fee for PhD students: 190 €
Registration fee for university researchers: 250 €
Reduced registration fee for the immediately ensuing NLPCS workshop: 110 €.
Registration deadline: 15 July 2011 at noon.
Support requests deadline: 15 June 2011.
Writing Process Research 2011: Keystroke Logging and Eye Tracking

7-9 September 2011

Possibilities and limitations of keystroke logging and eye tracking; good practices for ethnographical and experimental writing process research; complementary nature of observation methods; writing process data exploration; data preparation for further analysis; statistical analysis of writing process data; networking.

University of Antwerp Training school
20 trainees max.
Registration fee 125€
Registration deadline:7 July 2011
Confirmation of participation & grants: 1 August 2011

New TPR network

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Amparo Hurtado and PACTE have created a “Thematic network on empirical and experimental translation research”. The network has been funded with 90.000 € by the Spanish Ministry of Education (code FFI2010-11995-E). Current members of the network include research groups of F. Alves, E. Angelone, M. Ehrensberger, B. Englund Dimitrova, A. Fougner Rydning, I. García, M. Giozza, A. Hurtado, R. Jääskaläinen, A. L. Jakobsen, R. Muñoz, and S. O’Brien. Fall 2011 will see the first meeting of the new network take place in Barcelona.

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