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Petra Research Group was founded in 2001. It aims to contribute to track the behavior of subjects when translating and to cross-reference it with their products. We are also interested in the influence of the working environment and tools on the process of translating. Finally, we would like our research to become part of the empirical foundation of (yet) another framework for translatology within Cognitive Science.

The main threads of our activities are:
  1. Empirical research of different aspects and phases of translation processes carried out by laypeople, trainees, professionals and experts, in order to grasp similarities and differences in their real ways, conditions, and results.
  2. Development of a theoretical frame based on second generation cognitive paradigms. We are working on a theoretical space defined by situated cognition, embodied cognition, distributed cogition, and (socio) constructivism.
  3. Development of software to support research activities and professional tasks, according to the results of our empirical research.
This is the current list of PETRA team members:

José Jorge Amigo Extremera Petra Klimant José Ignacio Perea Sardón
Alicia Bolaños Medina Álvaro Marín García Marisa Presas Corbella
María Castro Arce Celia Martín de León
Susana Cruces Colado Ricardo Muñoz Martín

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