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do you know OpenTranslation?
We have developed the following applications using the JAVA language, under a GNU license:

This tool includes two features:
  • Lemmatizer: this feature finds the canonical form of each word of a text. For instance, for the Spanish wor "cantaba", the lemma is "cantar".
  • PoS tagger: this feature tags every single word in a text with information such as part-of-speech (grammatical category, e.g. noun, verb, preposition, etc.) gender, number, etc.
These features have many applications, such as to detect grammar and spelling mistakes, to automatically extract terminology, to parse non-structured language, and the like.
More information and a free, fully functional version of petraTAG may be found at petraTAG's website on

This is a tool for computer-assisted editing of translations. PetraREV includes many features to help the editor proof check that the working text does not contain specific types of mistakes. The tool includes features to check:
  • grammar and spelling errors
  • tags
  • comparative consistency of the translated and source text
  • values and format of numbers
  • revision memory
All features have been designed to minimize false positives. Thus, the editor can focus on other issues that may require more attention.
More information and a free, fully functional version of petraREV may be found at petraREV's website on
PetraRev was developed as part of a research project which earned José Ignacio Perea Sardón a PhD degree with honors. The dissertation (in Spanish) may be downloaded here:
Revisión de traducciones asistida por ordenador: Aplicación práctica a la revisión del sistema operativo libre Ubuntu como ejemplo

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